Canadian Light Amphibians - AULA SeaRey

 The AULA Searey Issue


Some industry "experts" have suggested that Seareys cannot be registered in Canada as Advanced Ultralights. This is certainly not the case.

Older Seareys continue to operate in Canada as Advanced Ultralights.
Seareys continue to operate and to be newly registered in Canada under the
Amateur Built classification with no restrictions.

Shortly after Y2K a registration issue arose with the 13 Canadian Seareys registered as Advanced Ultralights. Transport Canada found two AULA Seareys  that did not comply with the design standard. (Advanced Ultralights have a Max Gross Weight of 1232 lbs.) Further investigation revealed that there was no way to determine the compliance of current AULA Seareys without inspecting and weighing them.

In 2004, after consulting with the kit manufacturer and CLA, Transport Canada designated three new
AULA Searey types: Searey-80, Searey-95 and Searey-115 (designated by Rotax engine hp.)  These three AULA types have maximum empty weights of: 842 lbs, 834.5 lbs and 824.5 lbs respectively. (The kit must also be modified to incorporate a gascolator and castellated nuts on many moving parts.) In 2005 the old AULA Searey registration criteria was cancelled  and all AULA Seareys were inspected, weighed by an AME or  Searey dealer and a new "Statement of Conformity" issued by the kit manufacturer. The few that did not meet the weight requirements were eventually registered as Amateur Built aircraft.

Purchasers of older AULA registered Seareys should continue to be able to operate the aircraft with at least an Ultralight Pilot Licence and with the incumbent weight and flexibility restrictions inherent in the AULA classification. 

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Purchasers of the new Searey LSX kit with its higher empty weight (notwithstanding what you may read on the Transport Canada website) will not receive legal approval for registration as an AULA because it cannot meet AULA criteria.  In Canada, Amateur Built is definitely the most appropriate registration route to take for new Seareys.

Although there is no Canadian category for the new factory-built SLSA Searey "Sport" and SeaRey "Elite", these aircraft can be registered in Canada with a special type certificate.

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